Parrot Symbolism (Meaning, Spirit, Dream, Totem, Tattoo)

With their gift of gab, it’s no wonder parrots symbolize communication. They challenge us to speak with confidence and clarity and express our truth. 

As highly social animals, parrots are also associated with relationships and companionship, as well as healing energy, luck, and spiritual protection.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of parrot symbolism in different cultures, what it means to dream of a parrot, the parrot spirit animal, parrot tattoos, and beyond.

What Does a Parrot Symbolize?

blue and yellow macaw parrot close up

Parrots are amazing communicators. With their famous capacity for human language and mimicry, it’s no surprise that their symbolism revolves around expression.

They represent the power of expressing oneself meaningfully. When you’re drawn to the parrot, it’s thought that you may need a boost in the area of communicating your needs, desires, thoughts, and feelings. 

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Expressing Your Identity

Your thoughts, opinions, and emotions are all part of your identity—what makes you unique. The parrot is a symbol of individuality as well, using self-expression as a vehicle for an individual’s uniqueness.

Creatives, artists, writers, public speakers, and others who express themselves to the world, especially in a way that’s beautiful or harmonious, are considered kin to the parrot.

Look at macaws—their colors and patterns are different from bird to bird. Red, turquoise, yellow, green—they’re a good example of the parrot’s lesson to be yourself.

Go ahead and show your true colors to the world—they may be your ticket to job opportunities, creative projects, and a fulfilling life. 

Speaking from the Heart

two rainbow parrots kiss

Parrots symbolize bringing people together by speaking from the heart. 

The parrot’s powers of communication may be used in group communication or in one-on-one conversations. Whatever the case may be, the parrot encourages us to speak authentically and with love. 

This does not mean that we should sugar-coat our words to the point that we feel we have to lie. Parrots are about truth.

But when we come from the heart-place of love and let that energy infuse our communications, we find that we connect better and feel heard and understood while also creating stronger bonds.

Friendship and Relationships

two blue parrots perched in a tree

Let’s not forget, parrots are highly social animals. These intelligent birds need love and companionship from other parrots, though they’re capable of forming deep relationships with humans as well.

They need this companionship to live. They don’t do well as solitary creatures. Thus, parrots remind us of the importance of connecting with others.

We may find solace in our communities or with one specific person, partner, spouse, or friend. It doesn’t matter—we all need to be able to trust, give, and receive love. This is what we learn from the parrot.

Self-Love and Self-Talk

The concept of speaking with love is not just for how we talk to others. It’s about how we speak to ourselves, too.

Negative self-talk keeps your spirit down. But you are just as worthy as any other. The parrot represents freedom in self-acceptance and finding true appreciation for yourself as a living being. 

So start speaking to yourself—whether out loud or in your mind—with the same love and affection you would for a cherished friend or relative.

Parrot Symbolism in South America 

a flock of colorful macaw birds

Parrots are sacred throughout South American cultures. The word “macaw” is from the word “macau” in Brazilian Portuguese

Parrots are seen as carriers of vibrant and healing light energy that spans the color spectrum. Their feathers are commonly integrated in native ceremonies and endowed with special medicinal powers.

The Inga of Columbia see the macaw as a guardian of the air element and a bringer of people’s prayers to Heaven. 

To the Bororo of Brazil, parrots are symbols of love and relationships based on the fact that macaws mate for life and are very bonded to and affectionate toward their mates.

Parrots are important to South American ecosystems, seeding new trees through undigested seeds in their droppings and some even serving as pollinators. It’s no wonder they hold such significant symbolism in these areas of the world.

Parrot Symbolism in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, parrots represent national pride, freedom, and beauty. 

The flag of Dominica shows a sisserou parrot, native to the Caribbean island of Dominica, and the national bird of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a St. Vincent parrot.

The Puerto Rican parrot has become a symbol of resilience for the island, having survived powerful hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Native American Meaning of Parrots

close up of a parrot eye

Parrots are important animals in many indigenous cultures of the Southwest. Though parrots aren’t indigenous, in prehistoric times, people were importing parrots and parrot feathers from Mexico.

Their brightly colored feathers symbolize the sun’s energy, as in red macaw feathers, as well as healing blue waters, as in vivid blue feathers.

The Hopi have a parrot kachina, and to the Zuni people, the macaw guards the southern direction. 

For the Pueblo people, parrots symbolize fertility, health, and water, an incredibly important natural resource in this dry region of the world. 

The “rain parrot” is a form of pottery art, symbolizing the sacredness of this animal and its connection to the water element.

Parrot Symbolism in Hinduism

Parrots frequently show up in Hindu literature, art, and mythology. In fact, one of the very first written accounts of this bird was in the Rig Veda in 1000 B.C.E.

They represent love, beauty, and wisdom. Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love and desire, rides on a parrot named Suka. In India, brides-to-be may have Suka painted on their feet before the marriage ceremony.

It’s thought that parrots hold within themselves vast wisdom, being excellent communicators and clearly intelligent. Historically, you could find them in the homes of the elite, where they’ve been symbols of prestige. 

What Does the Parrot Symbolize in African Culture?

african grey parrot on a branch

African grey parrots, or Congo grey parrots, are considered wise and sacred animals in Africa. With their intelligence and gift of language, they’re symbolic of harmony, communication, storytelling, and protection. 

Parrots and their feathers are used in divination and spiritual protection rituals. They’re believed to be protective against witchcraft and contain healing powers.

What Does a Parrot Symbolize in Chinese Culture?

In China, parrots have been kept for thousands of years as symbols of beauty, wealth, and loyalty. 

As in many parts of the world, they’ve long been prized for their mimicry. Parrots were thought to keep wives faithful to their husbands since they’d be able to tattle.

At the same time, parrots are also symbolic of loss of freedom, as in a caged parrot that was once wild and free.

The parrot is also associated with the Bodhisattva Guanyin. There is a story of Guanyin and the Filian Parrot, in which a young parrot’s parents are killed by hunters. 

The parrot is able to give its mother a proper funeral, and its dedication to its parents moves Guanyin to make the young parrot her disciple. 

Here, we see that the parrot also represents an important quality in Chinese life—respect for one’s parents and family.

Green Parrot Symbolism

olive green macaw parrot flying in the sky

Green parrot symbolism is steeped in the rejuvenating energy of nature. Green parrots are thought to represent growth, renewal, and the essence of life. 

With their deep emerald coloration, green parrots are found in tropical environments, making them symbolic ambassadors of environmental consciousness. Green is also the color of fertility and abundance, suggesting prosperity and the flourishing of new ideas.

Parrots are celebrated for their communicative abilities, and green parrots, in particular, symbolize the importance of clear expression and the value of community bonds. They are emblems of healing, their green hue offering a sense of soothing and emotional restoration.

Red Parrot Symbolism

red parrot perched on a log on a beach

Red parrots are associated with passion, energy, and vitality. These striking birds capture our attention with their bold plumage and in many cultures connect to the sun’s fiery energy.

The red parrot is a symbol of confidence and courage, inspiring you to embrace your personal power and assertiveness. 

As red is also linked to love and desire, red parrots are particularly symbolic of affection and the courage to pursue one’s heart’s desires.

Moreover, red parrots stand as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Their colorful presence encourages us to unlock our creative potential and to approach life with a sense of adventure and originality.

Grey Parrot Symbolism

close up of an african grey parrot

With their understated coloring, grey parrots symbolize wisdom, intelligence, and balance. They represent thoughtful communication, often symbolizing the ability to navigate between black and white, right and wrong, to find a harmonious middle ground.

In many cultures, grey is also connected to maturity and responsibility. Grey parrots, with their dignified and composed demeanor, can represent the wisdom that comes with experience and the importance of measured, well-considered decisions.

Spiritually, grey parrots may be seen as guides for those seeking intellectual growth or a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. They serve as reminders to listen and learn from the world around us and to communicate our truths with clarity and precision.

The grey parrot’s symbolism is a blend of mental prowess and an invitation to explore the depths of our own minds, encouraging a journey towards inner wisdom and equilibrium.

Are Parrots Good Luck?

In general, parrots are seen as symbols of good luck thanks to their often vivid, colorful plumage and gregarious natures.

They’re thought to bring good fortune through communication and social connection. If someone were to want a bit of luck in making others like them or climbing the social ladder, parrots are thought to be the perfect animal.

However, just like any other omen or sign, the specific meaning of a parrot can be influenced by the context in which it appears. 

For example, if a parrot crosses your path as you embark on a new venture, this may suggest the importance of clear communication and adaptability for the success of your endeavor.

On the other hand, if you come across a parrot in an ominous setting, it’s essential to pay attention to the details. 

Does the parrot seem distressed or in danger? This might be a warning to approach the situation cautiously. 

Then again, a flock of parrots flying may be seen as a sign of ultimate freedom.

Parrot Symbolism: Spirituality Meaning

two yellow parrots eating bird seed out of a hand

Thought to bridge the gap between the natural and spiritual world, parrots are seen as intermediaries when communicating between the physical and spirit worlds.

For this reason, they’re frequently seen as sacred symbols that can offer spiritual protection and wisdom to those who seek it.

It’s believed that parrots carry powerful healing energy. Associated with the heart chakra, they represent compassion and love, which are important steps on the journey toward enlightenment and transcendence of the physical world. 

If a parrot spirit appears in your life, it may be asking you to open up your heart and be more nurturing both towards yourself and others.

Spiritually, parrots are considered incredibly intuitive creatures that can adapt to different environments. From this we can learn to maintain an open mind and embrace changes on our spiritual paths. 

As you grow and evolve, the parrot’s energy encourages continuous learning and harnessing your wisdom and intelligence.

Parrot Spirit Animal

rainbow lorikeets on flowering branches

The parrot spirit animal represents hope, its bright colors reminding you of life’s bright possibilities.

Embodying the power of speech and communication, the parrot encourages you to express yourself openly and creatively. This can lead to personal growth and discovery. 

You may also have a rather diplomatic way with others. This is because the parrot spirit animal is thought to impart its analytical intelligence combined with its peace-loving nature.

With its high intelligence, the parrot spirit animal may be guiding one to remain curious, to continue learning, and to use knowledge wisely. 

It might also be a reminder to listen carefully, not only to the words of others but also to the unspoken communication such as body language and tone.

You might learn valuable insights from observing and sometimes imitating others when the situation calls for it.

Lively birds, parrots also inspire you to embrace happiness and enthusiasm, even in the face of life’s challenges. 

As a symbol of passion and strength, the parrot encourages you to pursue your dreams and remain steadfast in your goals, guided by your innate sense of determination.

In some cases, the parrot can symbolize an eccentric aspect of your personality that might come to the forefront. In this case, the parrot beckons you to strike a balanced approach in self-expression, careful not to let your words become repetitive or mocking.

Parrot Totem

As a totem, the parrot is a symbol of the spoken word and the ability to articulate thoughts and emotions with clarity and confidence. 

It encourages those it guides to be mindful of their conversations and to speak with intention and truth.

With its symbolism of self-expression, the parrot totem may also inspire individuals to live authentically and to embrace their uniqueness, much as parrots display their feathers unapologetically.

In addition to their colorful appearance, parrots are known for their social nature and strong pair bonds. 

Thus, a parrot totem may emphasize the value of relationships, fostering a sense of community, and the need for companionship. 

It can encourage those it guides to work on their communication skills within their personal and professional relationships, building trust and understanding with those around them.

There is also a strong energy of guardianship and watchfulness connected to the parrot totem. In many cultures, parrots are seen as protectors that can warn of danger or bad weather. 

Those with a parrot totem might find themselves naturally vigilant, often serving as the eyes and ears of a situation and alerting others to potential threats.

Dreaming of a Parrot Meaning

yellow and blue macaw parrot swooping down

Parrots are known to mimic surrounding sounds, so their presence in dreams can indicate talkativeness or gossip. It’s thought that someone may be speaking about you.

Another common belief is that dreaming of a parrot symbolizes good luck. In particular, if you see more than one white parrot, it can inspire faith and positivity in your life. Good situations might be on the horizon.

Since parrots are symbols of wisdom in many cultures, dreaming of this bird might suggest a desire for greater understanding and newfound knowledge. 

And of course, parrot dreams can also indicate the need to communicate effectively and express yourself freely.

If you feel like you’re not being heard or understood in your waking life, dreaming of a parrot could be a call to improve your abilities to express your thoughts or feelings.

In some cases, dreaming of a parrot can imply that you are being lied to by someone you care about. This deceit might affect your choices in work, relationships, friendships, or other areas of your life, as the person might aim to control or manipulate you.

Parrot Tattoo Meaning

A parrot tattoo can be a unique way to showcase your creativity and personality through body art. 

Parrots are known for their exceptional communication skills, intelligence, eloquence, and clarity. So a parrot tattoo could be a way to represent these qualities in you.

Admired for their colorful appearance that makes them stand out in the animal kingdom, a parrot tattoo can also underscore your own uniqueness, especially of a beautiful sort. 

The personalities of these birds also imparts a sense of joy and playfulness. By choosing a parrot tattoo, you are embracing these attributes and showcasing your own enthusiasm for life and creative spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of a parrot visiting one’s home?

When a parrot visits your home, it is often seen as a good omen and a sign of good luck, good communication, and spirituality

It can indicate that you need to pay attention to your words and actions, as they have a strong impact on your surroundings. The parrot’s presence also emphasizes the importance of adapting to change and fostering a sense of community.

What do flocks of parrots symbolize?

Flocks of parrots typically symbolize community and socialization. Parrots are known for their strong group dynamics and effective communication, so seeing a flock might encourage you to strengthen your connections with others and work on your communication skills. 

They also represent the power of collective intelligence and shared wisdom.

What does seeing two parrots together represent spiritually?

Seeing two parrots together spiritually symbolizes harmony, balance, and partnership. The pair may represent the duality in your life, such as the balance between your personal and professional relationships or the merging of opposite energies. 

This encounter serves as a reminder to find and maintain equilibrium in your life.

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