Yellow Rumped Warbler Male vs Female comparison

Yellow Rumped Warbler Male vs Female: Key Differences

It can be hard to tell male Yellow-Rumped Warblers apart from females, so we made this guide to help you identify which is which. We’ll be covering the males vs females of the common Yellow-Rumped Warbler sub-species, Myrtle and Audubon’s, so keep reading! Key takeaways: The easiest way to tell apart the male and female … Read more

pine warbler vs goldfinch

Pine Warbler vs Goldfinch: How to Tell Them Apart

How do you identify the Pine Warbler vs Goldfinch? While these yellow birds look similar, there are some simple ways to tell them apart: Colors and patterns: Goldfinches are brighter yellow with deeper black wings than Pine Warblers. Size and shape: These birds are approximately the same size, but Goldfinches look sleeker with a cone-shaped … Read more

yellow warbler singing on a leafy branch

How to Attract Warblers (And What to Avoid)

If you want to know how to attract warblers, this guide is for you. Warblers need an insect-friendly yard and plenty of hiding spots. By the end of this article, you’ll know: How to provide the necessary food sources, shelter, and nesting sites for attracting warblers Which trees and shrubs can help you create a … Read more