varied thrush vs robin

Varied Thrush vs Robin (Tips to Tell Them Apart)

The world of birds is full of fascinating species, and two of them are the Varied Thrush and the American Robin. At first glance, these birds may seem quite similar, but there are important differences between them that can help you distinguish one from the other. In this article, we will explore the physical and … Read more

wood thrush vs hermit thrush

Wood Thrush vs Hermit Thrush: Top Clues to ID Them

If you’re having trouble distinguishing between a Wood Thrush vs Hermit Thrush, trust that you’re not alone. These similar bird species sport brown plumage with spotted white underparts. But only the Hermit Thrush has spots that fade visibly from its chest to its belly, as opposed to the Wood Thrush’s well-defined spots on its belly. … Read more