red summer tanager bird on a branch

How to Attract Summer Tanagers (Follow These Simple Steps)

Not sure how to attract Summer Tanagers? These beautiful birds may be elusive, but it’s not hopeless! Understanding their habitat preferences, dietary needs, and behaviors will help you win them over and keep them coming back to your yard. Let’s dive right in! Key Takeaways Summer tanagers can be elusive, so providing food and nesting … Read more

scarlet tanager sitting on a tree branch

How to Attract Scarlet Tanagers: Expert Tips and Techniques

Scarlet Tanagers are striking songbirds known for their vibrant red and black coloring, making them a sought-after sight for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. These birds primarily reside in mature forests and can be a bit elusive, which is why attracting them to your backyard can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Understanding the needs and … Read more