yellow chickadee vs goldfinch

Yellow Chickadee vs Goldfinch: Decoding the Differences

Want to know the key differences between the Yellow Chickadee vs Goldfinch? If you want to gain confidence in your bird watching skills, keep reading—we’re covering what distinguishes these birds from each other in terms of appearance, song, behavior, habitat, and more. Here’s a quick summary of the key traits that set them apart: Plumage: … Read more

goldfinch bird sitting on a green plant

How to Attract Goldfinches: Simple But Highly Effective Tips

Goldfinches are not hard to attract if you provide the right conditions in your yard. Here’s how to attract goldfinches season after season: Provide the right types of seeds for goldfinches, such as shelled sunflower seeds and nyjer seeds. Plant flowers and shrubs that appeal to goldfinches, like coneflowers, zinnias, and thorny bushes. Observe and … Read more

male and female house finches sitting on a black metal bar

How to Attract Finches (With Food, Shelter, and Ribbons)

If you’re here, you’re no doubt interested in seeing more finches in your yard. Keep reading, because we’re sharing how to attract finches with the right types of bird feeders, the best bird food, and additional attractions that appeal to them. Key Takeaways It’s vital to provide the right bird feeders and seeds to attract … Read more