bluebird male vs female

Bluebird Male vs Female: How to Tell Them Apart

Distinguishing male and female bluebirds is easier when you know what to look for—which is mostly in their plumage. Here’s a summary of the bluebird male vs female: Male bluebirds have brighter and more vivid blue backs than females, which sport grayish-blue backs. The male bluebirds have more vibrant colors overall, with richer reds or … Read more

blue jay vs bluebird

Blue Jay vs Bluebird: What You Should Know

If you’re looking to tell apart the Blue Jay vs Bluebird, these blue-feathered beauties can be distinguished by their characteristic patterns and breast colors. Moreover, Blue Jays and Bluebirds have some very different behaviors and preferences that are fascinating for bird watchers. Let’s go over the differences and more interesting behaviors associated with Blue Jays … Read more

bluebird eggs vs robin eggs

Bluebird Eggs vs Robin Eggs: Tips to Tell the Difference

It’s true that Bluebirds’ eggs look eerily similar to Robins’ eggs. Both are lovely shades of blue and bear no telltale distinguishing markings like, for example, Blue Jay eggs with their speckled appearance. But if you examine them side-by-side, you’ll see that there are differences in size, shape, and number of eggs in a clutch, … Read more