blackbird on a bird feeder

How to Keep Blackbirds Away from Bird Feeders: Expert Tips & Strategies

Blackbirds are notorious for monopolizing bird feeders and intimidating other bird species. When bird enthusiasts invest time and resources into attracting a variety of beautiful birds to their feeders, it can be frustrating to have blackbirds take over and chase away other feathered visitors. This article explores effective strategies to keep these bully birds away … Read more

conical hanging bird feeder from a tree with a bird eating from it

How to Hang Bird Feeder: Expert Guide for Proper Setup

Hanging a bird feeder in your backyard provides nourishment to your local bird population and can be a delightful way to observe a variety of species up close. Selecting the ideal location and proper feeder can significantly impact the variety of birds you attract and ensure their safety as they visit. Considerations such as predator … Read more

pinecone hanging from a branch

How to Make Bird Feeders with Pine Cones: Easy DIY Guide

Bird feeders offer a fantastic way for nature enthusiasts to observe and enjoy their feathery friends up close, while also providing much-needed nourishment to local avian populations. Creating your own bird feeders can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when crafting them out of readily available materials such as pine cones. Pinecone bird feeders … Read more